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aquabiking teambuilding

aquabiking teambuilding



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Dominique Sanchez : +66 (0) 9 10 83 82 29

Monique Sanchez : +66 (0) 8 80 53 26 44

Sports, Health and Wellbeing Business Seminar”

To give a collective dynamic to the team and thus develop its performance, each employee must find his or her place. It is the harmonious union of individualities that will make it possible to achieve common goals.


The collective dynamics of the group are created during the sports experience.


Improving the group’s operation necessarily involves developing interpersonal relationships and strengthening internal cohesion. Promoting exchange, dialogue and solidarity among employees builds the group’s identity.


Aquabiking is an innovative and unifying sport to bring together and solidify the

company team.


Aquabiking is also a process of raising awareness about health, dynamism and



Feeling well in your body, well in your mind, well within your company.


You are welcome in our Aquabiking Bangkok Center, which is located at SUMI

199/9 Sukhumvit Soi 16, Bangkok.

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