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Aquabiking is a new sport trend, which consists of pedaling in the water. According to its followers, the results on the body are exceptional! Besides refining the silhouette and boosting weight loss, it is also a radical solution to erase cellulite and orange peel, while toning up muscle mass.


All healthcare professionals are unanimous! Aquabiking is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, reduces high blood pressure, and stimulates the venous return, improving the way the blood circulates. 


The benefactions of the Aquabiking are infinite!


Aquabiking Bangkok

Come to discover Aquabiking!

The sensation of intensity is decreased, due to lower body submersion in the water. However, the cardio and muscular engagement inarguably remains intense.

Aquabiking is easy on the joints and avoids numerous traumas, often induced by cardio-based training practiced outside the water. Consequently, it is ideal for athletes, former athletes, elderly, pregnant women, overweight people, and people in rehabilitation.


Don’t wait any longer! Offer yourselves and family or friends, well-being and a moment of pleasure and relaxation in an exotic atmosphere.

Aquabiking Bangkok
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Aquabiking Bangkok


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